Electric Car Charging Stations

Thousands of electric vehicle charging stations are available in the United States.

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Charging electric car at home

For those who are looking for convenient and affordable way to charge the car  you can do it overnight at home using Level 1 or Level 2 charging equipment.

Level 1: 120-Volt

Level 1 works well for charging at home, work or when there is only a 120V outlet available.

The level 1 charging doesn’t necessarily require any special hardware or installation.

Level 1 charging adds about 2-5 miles of range to a PEV per hour of charging time.

The problem with level 1 is the slow charging while the estimate time for a car  is around 8 to 12 hours.


Level 2: 240-Volt

Level 2 offers charging through a 240V, AC plug and requires installation of charging equipment and a dedicated electrical circuit.

Most houses have 240V service availble and  level 2 allows significantly faster charging, and can fully recharge your car in four to five hours.

Level 2 charging adds about 10-20 miles of range to a PEV per hour of charging time.