January 23, 2018

Guide and Information

If Tesla Motors co founder Elon Musk is the poster boy of the electric vehicle movement then Greg ‘Gadget’ Abbott aka Reverend Gadget is its Nutty Professor. To many he, were they to meet him, they might think that he is yet another slightly eccentric LA mechanic who likes to soup up and tinker with cars, a sort of car version of the Orange Country Chopper guys. The truth is a little more complicated though as he is actually at the forefront of a less talked about electric vehicle phenomena, the conversion car.

As showcased in the documentary “Revenge of the Electric Car,” Abbott is the leading light in the movement, the person who all of the other amateur car converters look up to and also look to for advice and wisdom for their own projects.

Abbot has been converting gas powered cars into electric ones for a long time, long before Musk came along, or GM’s Bob Lutz managed to convince his bosses to produce his vision in the form of the Chevrolet Volt. He has endured through shop fires, living in a trailer and nearly facing bankruptcy, but he has persevered and is truly now a real part of the EV revolution.

He plans eventually to create a specialist kit that can be sold to consumers to make the job of converting a gas powered car to an electric one more efficiently and without the need for as much technical knowledge as he and his friends have. He also has dreams of potentially creating a production model one day, but until that happens he will, he says continue to work his magic by turning regular cars into electric vehicles!

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